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Pimp-My-Nav Usage


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Step 1 - Select CD/DVD

Step 2- Edit POI

Step 3 - Create New ISO File

Step 4 - Burn New CD/DVD

Step 1 - Select CD/DVD

The Wizard will automatically select the CD/DVD drive that appears to have a navigation disk in it.  However if it does not, select the drive letter that contains your navigation CD/DVD. 



If you have previously edited the CD/DVD currently in the drive, then you will at this point be asked if you wish to keep or discard your previous changes.  (The program automatically remembers previous changes that you made, even if you did not burn them to a new CD/DVD).  Usually you would answer "Yes" at this point unless you wanted to start again from scratch.

NOTE: Answering "No" will delete any pending changes you've made that have not yet been burnt to a new CD/DVD.


CARiN Media

At this point the disk is checked to confirm if it's supported.  CARiN (also know as 'CarinDb' or 'Carinet') map CD's cannot be updated in their current form, so if you insert one of these CD's you will be given an opportunity to upgrade it first so that it can support custom Points of Interest:

If you say "Yes", then you'll be asked what countries the map supports:

Select one or more countries (hold the CONTROL button to select more than one), then click "OK"


Summary Information

If the CD/DVD is supported, then summary information about it will be shown as below.

NOTE: This screen above is for your information only, and cannot be edited.

Click "Next" to go to Step 2

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