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Step 2 - Edit POI

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Step 2 - Edit POI

The next window shows the hierarchy of the POI menu, arranged by manufacturer. 

Language Selection

There are usually multiple language menus on a navigation disk.  Non-English users should select the language they wish to edit, then click the "Default" button to make this the default language of the map.  Custom POI will not be visible if the default language of the map does not match the language coded into the navigation computer.

Menu Structure

The "National Importance" group is not usually used, but still needs to be retained as an empty placeholder (probably because of hard-coding in the Navigation software).

Click on the + or - signs to expand or collapse the menu tree.  Alternatively double-click on a node to open it.

POI categories will appear in the same hierarchy and with the same icons that you see on your navigation computer.

You can make changes below manufacturer level only - this is a safety feature to prevent you making the CD/DVD unusable.


Importing POI

The following example demonstrates how to create a new menu for speed cameras, and how to add a new POI category for all types of speed cameras.

Right-click at the point in the menu where you want your new menu to appear, then select "Add Menu".

Type the name of the new menu item:

Editor Vehicle Navigation


Right-click on the new "Speed Cameras" menu and select "Add POI Category" as follows:

At this point, a new blank POI form will appear.  Click on the "Import"  button to import new POI data from an external file.

In this example, speed camera information download from in TomTom OV2 format is being used.  The PGPSW-gps_uk_sc.ov2 file contains all classes of speed cameras in one file.

The associated icon file, PGPSW-gps_uk_sc.bmp will automatically be imported too if it exists in the same directory.

Note: The KML, OV2 or GPX file formats should be preferred to text-based ASC or CSV files as the latter formats are very loosely defined and therefore more prone to error.

See Importing From a Text File for further information about importing from a text file (e.g. *.txt, *.asc or *.csv)


Header Image

After importing the data file, you can optionally browse for a header image to use for the search form.  (The best dimensions for this image are 55x360 pixels)

Here is an example after the header image has been imported:

Pimp-My-Nav Editor Vehicle Navigation


POI Editing

Right-click on any individual POI for more editing options:

Saving the New POI

Click OK to save the new POI data, which should then appear in the menu with its new icon:

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