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Pimp-My-Nav Usage


Start Application

Step 1 - Select CD/DVD

Step 2- Edit POI

Step 3 - Create New ISO File

Step 4 - Burn New CD/DVD

Step 4 - Burn New CD/DVD

This step assumes that you have already installed the free ImgBurn application.

Ensure that the "Burn disk at 1X speed" option is selected for the very first disk you create.  Thereafter, if successful, try burning the media at faster speeds.  

It is also recommended that you leave the "Verify Disk" option selected so that your new disk is immediately checked for errors after it's been created.

Once you have made your selections, click the "Burn ISO" button to burn the new map to CD/DVD:

The ImgBurn application will start.  Click on the green burn button in ImgBurn to start burning the new CD/DVD

If ImgBurn is not installed, then you will be given the location of the Iso file that you will need to burn the new CD/DVD with the software of your choice.


Activate POI on Navigation Computer

Insert the new disk into your vehicle's navigation computer, then search for the new POI category under "Information on Location".

This is a preview of the result on the vehicle navigation after the new POI category has been activated on the map:



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