Pimp-My-Nav Usage


Start Application

Step 1 - Select CD/DVD

Step 2- Edit POI

Step 3 - Create New ISO File

Step 4 - Burn New CD/DVD


  • If you are not running Windows Vista or Windows 7, then install Microsoft .Net runtime 2.0.  This can be downloaded here or from the WindowsUpdate website.
  • If you already have an older version of Pimp-My-Nav installed, then uninstall it first by clicking on the uninstall icon, or using Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.
  • Unzip PimpMyNav.msi from Double-click on the installation file, PimpMyNav.msi then follow the instructions to install the application.


Run the application by clicking on the Pimp-My-Nav icon on the Start Menu

The following dialog will appear the first time you start the application:

The string in the "Challenge" box needs to be emailed to in order to receive an activation code in response.

There are two ways to send the activation email:

  • Click on the "Email" button in the form above to automatically create a new email with the challenge string in the body
  • Open your favourite email program, create a new message, then click CONTROL-V to paste the challenge into the message body.   Send the email to the address above

You will receive an activation string back via email that needs to be pasted (CONTROL-V) into the "Response" field in the form above. 

NB: Do not paste the whole email into this box - only the activation code.

This is a once-off process for any computer that you wish to run the application on, and may within reason, be performed again at any time (for example if you buy a new computer).

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