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Pimp-My-Nav Revision History

(Newer versions of Pimp-My-Nav will auto-update - if your version does not update automatically within 7 days, then please contact Support)

Version 1.2.3773.23596

  • Fix issue with 2010-1 HIGH map of Europe not displaying icons
  • Add ability to move menu items up or down

Version 1.2.3698.39349

  • Fix compatibility with new version of Google Earth


  • Work around for compilation problem with languages on 2010-1 map of Europe
  • Add support for Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Version 1.1.3472.19272

  • Add support for VW, SEAT, Skoda (RNS-510)
  • Add support for dual layer DVD media
  • Improved support for 64-bit versions of Windows
  • Fix problem importing some .kml files
  • Fix problem with search forms for non-English languages
  • Fix problem searching for custom POI on some maps
  • Fix problem with importing POI with very wide fields
  • Fix problem with importing POI with unprintable characters
  • Fix problem indexing categories containing exactly 2 entries
  • Check for buggy versions of UltraIso


  • Application rebranded
  • Import multiple POI files simultaneously
  • Added append capability to POI import function
  • Add TPD structure to CARiN (High) navigation CD's
  • Support cut/paste of single GPS co-ordinates when editing
  • Improved caching of work in progress
  • Upgrade CD's with short filenames to support long
  • More error checking
  • New setup program
  • Fixed bug with icon file not being closed when imported
  • Support importing of icons in PNG file format
  • Added copyright warning to export dialog
  • Added ability to change the default language of the CD/DVD
  • Fixed menu drag/drop copy function not working
  • Support for v2.1 of Google KML
  • Fixed character set issues with French, Italian, Spanish and German
  • Set initial menu language to CD/DVD default
  • Windows Vista support
  • 64-bit support (Windows XP, Server 2003 and Vista)
  • Improved importing/exporting to and from text files
  • Prevent CD/DVD ejection while in use
  • Tighter validation of WGS84 GPS co-ordinates
  • Ensure that POI can always be selected as a navigation target
  • Edit extended database fields
  • New text import options
  • Bugfixes


  • Fixed extra space in the IDX file causing corruption
  • Added integrity check for manual editing
  • Support for GPX file format
  • Limited integration with Nero (command-line only)
  • Detect insertion/removal of media


  • Initial release




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